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"How much does animation cost?"

If you're just here for an at-a-glance answer: "Usually around $400 - $800 for short logo videos and animated graphics less than 30 seconds long."


At ModelWorks, jobs are billed by the hour. We will talk through your project and propose a number of hours to put toward it. Once we agree on that, ModelWorks will work to complete your project near that amount of time.

"Can I request revisions?"

"Are there any cost examples for reference?"

Your project will remain in your control every step of the way! There are no limits on revisions, and you can request changes to your project at any time. Keep in mind, however, that all revisions and changes requested after the initial proposal, regardless of when they are requested, are taken as giving permission for additional work hours and may affect the project cost. If you're on a tight budget, the easiest way to keep costs down is to make a clear and detailed plan ahead of time and stick to it with minimal revisions.

You'll need to contact ModelWorks for a proposal that fits your unique project and budget.


However, it's often helpful to have some hard numbers to help plan your budget. The following section lays out some of the projects that ModelWorks has completed for clients, along with the final cost billed for each.

Obviously these examples are in no way a guarantee of the cost of any other project. They are intended as a general guideline to help you choose the type of animated graphics that will be the best fit for your project. Breakdown of costs and project timelines are not provided; this is simply what the clients were billed.


Expanded product visualization

5 seconds

Total cost: $850

Motion tracked graphics over video

 5 seconds

Total cost: $400

3D coffee table logo

6 seconds

Total cost: $775


Web video series titles

30 seconds

Total cost: $465

Informational animated video

30 seconds

Total cost: $810

Animated artwork

19 seconds

Total cost: $515


3D business logo

Modeling time: 7.5 hours

Total cost: $515

(This logo was also animated for an additional $300)

Small commercial aircraft

Modeling time: 28 hours

Total cost: $1415

Industrial metal bending press brake

Modeling time: 11 hours

Total cost: $550

(Cost of rendering additional views not included)

"Are there any hidden costs?"

Hopefully not! Staying within budget is a vital priority for all businesses, so ModelWorks will always try to make costs as clear as possible up front.

However, be aware that the initial cost proposal you receive for your project will only include the cost of production work hours. There are a few normal costs that will extend beyond the proposal:

1. Revisions and change requests will add time to the project and increase the cost.

2. The cost of stock footage, images, music, and vendors will be added to your project.

3. Sales tax (6.5%) will apply if you're in South Dakota.

4. Don't forget that projects can run up to 15% over the proposed timeline.

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